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Boundaries Series

Boundaries Series


We start again September 7th. 

In this four week live online training series you will discover your more authentic self to create better boundaries in your life.

My intention for you is

Reconnect with your true self


By connecting with and defining your values, delving into your core beliefs you will not only have a truer sense of self. You will be more clearly be able to see where and why you need to set authentic boundaries in your life and greatly reduce the guilt associated with this. When you define these core aspects of yourself, you will have a solid understanding of how you can take action to strengthen the parts of you that make you feel like the REAL you and build authentic confidence.

That You Raise & Honour Your Standards

If you have been seeking your self worth through others or been in patterns of over giving of your time, energy, resources,  my intention is for you top settling for less than you deserve. Stop chasing scraps from other people's energy and demand your seat at the table.  Feel your power rising and your voice getting more confident. Trust yourself and connect more deeply with your intuition.

Dive Into Your Emotions

Explore emotions and underlying triggers, how they shape your experience, identify underlying emotional needs, how to meet them yourself and ask for them and how to improve communication around this. In your relationships this helps you to choose differently and take charge of your life. Living in more joy, more peace, more abundance. 


You will receive practical steps you can take for creating meaningful change in your life.


We will meet weekly on zoom and you will receive practices to support integration of what you learn so that it becomes part of you. Not just something you learned about in a course that sounded great but changed nothing. Make the decision here now. To be the change. 

Meet me there.. I'll stand with you.  

A free wellness consultation

A one-on-one meeting over zoom so we can tailor an oil protocol to support your wellness goals.

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